Father Grumble and other songs

Now you can download Father Grumble.  The files in this package can be played either in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

[wpdm_file id=4]

In addition to Father Grumble, Dad also had a few of his other recordings remastered just before he died.  There are a couple songs from The Robert DeCormier Folk Singers.  He was a soloist as a vocalist on “Two White Horses” and with the dulcimer on “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”.

There are also novelty songs from Folk Songs of Madison Avenue by The Flagpole Singers, a vocal trio my dad was a member of.

One thought on “Father Grumble and other songs

  1. The Flagpole Singers! I grew up with that record, despite the fact that it was recorded a few years before I was born! I downloaded this batch of songs and was instantly transported back in time by “Run, Boy, Run”. I’ve searched the internet high and low, and while there are still a few vinyl copies out there, nobody seems to have a digital one of the whole album. I, for one, would love a copy, and would buy two or three more to give as gifts to lifelong childhood friends who remember it, too, and whose old cassettes have long since decomposed into piles of chromium oxide dust.

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