Father Grumble and other songs

Now you can download Father Grumble.  The files in this package can be played either in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

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In addition to Father Grumble, Dad also had a few of his other recordings remastered just before he died.  There are a couple songs from The Robert DeCormier Folk Singers.  He was a soloist as a vocalist on “Two White Horses” and with the dulcimer on “Go Tell Aunt Rhody”.

There are also novelty songs from Folk Songs of Madison Avenue by The Flagpole Singers, a vocal trio my dad was a member of.

Welcome to Father Grumble

I was recently asked by a cousin to share the digitally remastered Father Grumble recordings I inherited from Dad, and another cousin posted a few images of him.  So, I decided to start building an archive on this site.  Just seemed like the thing to do at the time. 🙂

Father Grumble Album Cover